Tony Coffman -

Release Date: 8/6/2019


**Note** v9 Requires .Net 4.7.2 Runtime or higher: Available Here.


  • New Native Connections
    • Text Files
      • From Easy Out, Report Writer or your Customers
      • TCS Text Based Reports
    • RevQ SaaS
    • DeepSee Cubes
  • Visualize Enhancements
    • Multiple Pages
    • Parameters
    • New Date Filter Options
    • Auto Refresh and Slideshow
  • Finished Reports Enhancements
    • Subreports
    • Expression Based Properties
    • Report Gallery Bands and Detail Reports Collections Support
    • Histogram Charting
    • Point and Click Color Picker
  • WebReports Enhancements
    • Finished Reports Queuing
    • New Finished Reports Viewer Interface
    • Visualization Queuing
    • New Visualize Viewer Interface with Paging Support
    • Expanded API
  • Multiple Data Sources (MDS) and View of Views (VoV)
    • Query relational data between multiple data sources, linking common data elements
    • Query and combine non-relational data from multiple locations
  • Logging Enhancements
    • Access Logs in the Grid: Group, Filter, Search and Sort
  • General Improvements and Enhancements
    • New Office 2019 Style Skin
    • Community Site
    • Performance and stability
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  • Avatar
    Tom Louie

    What version(s) of DeepSee/Cache does VDM support?

    Can you give an example of the syntax for creating a Connection Profile to DeepSee Cubes?

  • Avatar
    Tony Coffman

    Hello Tom,

    We released the DeepSee Connection Type as a preview feature starting in v9. We're in the process of collecting feedback on the new functionality as we continue to improve its capabilities. I've published an article for creating a new Connection Type to DeepSee and IRIS BI here: https://support.bridgeworksllc.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034163832-Connecting-to-InterSystems-DeepSee-and-IRIS-Analytics-BI

    Note we've identified and reported a challenge with the DeepSee API to the BI dev team at InterSystems and they're working to it. The impact is related to a missing/invalid member key on row/column grouped sub items.