Lost WebReports Administrator Account

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If you have lost your WebReports Administrator account's password, and you have no other administrative level user account in your WebReports implementation, you can follow the procedures below to recreate the Default Administrator account and role.


Create a Connection Profile to the WebReports Database

  1. Login to the Windows Server console of your WebReports server and launch VDM.
  2. Click on the Database Ribbon Bar and select New.
  3. Choose the SQL Client Connection Type and check Prefix TO/Schema Name, and Click Next.mceclip0.png
  4. Enter the Server, Instance and Database information.mceclip1.png
    1. Server: Your WebReports Windows server name.
    2. Instance: The MS SQL instance hosting your WebReports database, the default instance name is SQLExpress.
    3. Database: The database hosting your WebReports implementation, by default the WebReports database name is WebReports.
    4. Trusted Connection: The WebReports default installation process calls for a Trusted Connection.  If your installation was completed using the default options, Check Trusted Connection.  If you've created a Username and Password for your WebReports SQL Instance, enter it under username and password.
    5. Click Test Connection and verify a successful connection to your WebReports database.  If successful, click Next.
    6. Leave the Options page with their default blank settings, and click Finish.mceclip1.png
    7. Name the Connection Profile WebReports and Click Save.mceclip2.png
    8. From the Database Ribbon Bar, click Load All and select the newly created WebReports Database.mceclip3.png


Running SQL Scripts

  1. While connected to the WebReports database, click on Advanced Query and paste the following script: Delete From [dbo].[AspNetUsers] Where UserName = 'Administrator'mceclip4.png
  2. Click Run View.  Please note you will not receive a message indicating a successful execution of this script.
  3. Next, remove/delete the first script from Advanced Query, and paste in the following script: Delete from [dbo].[AspNetRoles] where Name = 'Admin'
  4. Click Run View.  Please note you will not receive a message indicating a successful execution of this script.


Restart IIS Service

  1. Launch the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Right Click on your IIS Server Name, select Stop, and wait for the IIS Service to Stop.mceclip7.png
  3. Right Click on your IIS Server Name, select Start, and wait for the IIS Service to Start.mceclip8.png


Browse to WebReports Service using Browser

  1. Using your Internet Browser, browse to http://YourWebReportsServerName/WebReports
  2. Login using the default Administator Username and Password:
    1. Username: Administrator
    2. Password: WebReports@0001
  3. Immediately change the default Administrator password by clicking on "Hello Administrator!"
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