Native SQL

Cory Fifield -

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VDM features a Native SQL option that was developed specifically for use with Universe databases.  When enabled VDM will wrap the SQL statement with the {NATIVE} command, extending SQL syntax to include Left, Right and Inner Joins. 


When the Native SQL option is enabled on a Universe database, the Use Table Alias feature should be disabled.  Universe databases do not accept table aliases when using Native SQL.


Steps To Enable / Use Native SQL

1. Click on the "View Options" ribbon menu.


2. Click "Database Functions" and


3. Check "Native SQL".  



4. Disable "Use Table Alias".


After enabling "Native SQL" and disabling "Use Table Alias", click "View SQL Query" to verify Native SQL command is wrapped around the SQL Query.



Note: The Native SQL option is only available when building a query using the Standard Query Builder Interface.  If you are using an Advanced Query and need access to Left, Right and Inner Join statements, wrap your query with the {NATIVE "Select Statement"} command.

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