Database Connection Profiles

Cory Fifield -


VDM leverages Connection Profiles to connect to your database.  Connection Profiles are also commonly referred to as Connection Strings.  Connection Profiles are created and edited using the Connection Wizard and are accessible from the Database Ribbon Bar menu option. 


VDM supports the following Database Connection Types:

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft OLEDB for ODBC
  • Microsoft Access
  • InterSystems Caché
  • InterSystems DeepSee
  • InterSystems IRIS
  • InterSystems IRIS BI
  • InterSystems IRIS for Health
  • ODBC


For Microsoft OLEDB for ODBC and Standard ODBC Connection Types, you will need to complete the necessary client driver installation and DSN setup on your Windows computer.  If you need assistance installing and setting up your driver please reach out to your database administrator or refer to your database's documentation.




Please Note: Connection Profiles will only work for the computer they were created on.  This is a security feature that prevents users from moving Connection Profiles from one system to another to gain unauthorized access to a database.

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