Matthew Fifield -

Release Date: 9/10/2018


  • Multiple Data Sources (MDS)
    • Allows multiple data sources to be included into a single report
    • Load multiple database connection profiles at the same time
  • View of Views (VoV)
    • New drag and drop user interface
    • Allows View to View linking
    • Ability to create a single data set from multiple unrelated views with Union All
  • Finished Reports
    • New context-based ribbon bars
  • FSGS
    • Enable and disable individual filters
  • Visualize
    • Automated data refresh option
  • Logging
    • Improved logging
    • In-app log review
    • Warning and error notifications
  • Settings
    • Updated interface
    • New options
      • Default connection
      • Load All Connections
      • MDS Database
      • Write to Event Logs
      • Write Heartbeats to logs
  • Navigation
    • Updated menus and glyphs


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