Linked Tables

Cory Fifield -

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Linking in VDM (or any query and reporting tool) is required when requesting data from two or more tables.  Linking tells VDM how the two tables are related to one another.

In the example below we are pulling data from the Customers and the Orders table.  Linking tells VDM the field(s) used to relate or join Customers and Orders.  The two tables are related by the Customers table’s ID field to the Orders table’s Customer ID field.  Linking can be a bit challenging in the beginning, but as you become more comfortable with your data and VDM, it will become second nature.

To add a new linking select the field from one table, displayed within its own container, and drag it the corresponding field in the table that you wish to link. VDM will ask what type of join you would like to do; Equal (=) – Implicit, Equal (JOIN) –Explicit, Left, or Right.  If you have more than two tables, repeat the task for each table.



Auto Linking:

Upon the creation of a new link, VDM will remember the newly created link for future use.  The next time the same tables are selected for a View, VDM will automatically create the linking for you.

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