Report Fields

Cory Fifield -

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VDM’s Report Fields component allows you to manage the fields that are included in your View.  To add fields to the Report Fields component you can either drag and drop selected fields from the Tables and Fields section to the Report Fields component or simply double click on the field listed in the Table and Fields section.

The View will deliver the database results in the same order that is listed in the Report Fields. To change the View’s field order drag the selected field up or down in the Report Fields list.



Right clicking on the Report Fields component will display the following options:



  • Remove: Removes the selected Report Field from the View
  • Add Custom Field/Function: Prompts for any supported SQL logic for your database.  This feature is commonly used for adding calculations or string functions, such as substring and concatenations, or data type conversions.  Custom Fields and Functions are evaluated by the database at the time of View execution.  VDM will send the added text to the database exactly as entered in the prompt.  Please review your database documentation for supported functions and the appropriate syntax.
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