Database Tables and Fields

Cory Fifield -

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VDM’s Table and Fields component shows the all available Tables and Fields for the available databases. Field names will only become visible after you click on the table name and expand the listing.



Right clicking on the database or a table in the Table and Fields component will display the following options:


  • Connect: Connect to the selected database.
  • Disconnect: Disconnect from the selected database.
  • Edit: Opens the Connection Wizard allowing you to modify the connection for the selected database.
  • Load All Tables: Loads all of the tables for the connected database.
  • Delete: Removes the selected table.
  • Expand All Tables: Expands all the Tables and Fields in tree view.
  • Collapse All Tables: Collapses all the Tables and Fields in the tree view.
  • Find Tables: Prompts for a string value and will search the database for any table containing the entered string.
  • Show All Tables: Removes all table filters and will display available database tables.
  • Show Favorites: Shows only the tables that were added to your favorites for each database.
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