Auto Scheduler (Legacy - V9 and earlier)

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The Auto Scheduler component allows for the creation and management of scheduled Views that are  to be ran in either an unattended manner, through the Auto Scheduler, or on demand with a Master Job.



Job Setup

  • VDM/Pro File Name: The VDM or ProView View that is being scheduled.
  • Export Location: The directory where the View’s data will be exported.
  • Connection Profile: Establishes the database login information for the Auto Scheduler using Connection Profiles.
  • Connection Profile: Sets the Connection to use when running the Auto Scheduler.
  • Date/Time Settings: Used to define the data/time and frequency that a View will be run.  The Auto Scheduler allows for multiple schedules to be added for a single job.  Please note that you must click the + button to add each new schedule to the list.
  • Export Selection: The VDM component that will be exported.  Selecting multiple components for a single job is permitted.
  • Export Data Format: The export format that will be used when exporting the View’s data.  Selecting multiple Export Data Formats for a single job is permitted.
  • Multi Sheet Export: Legacy export feature that will export multiple components, such as Details, Summary and Standard Chart to a single Excel spreadsheet.
  • Export Options
    • Overwrite Existing
      • Enabled: Exports the View’s data with the same name each time the job is run and will overwrite existing data with the same name, if it exists in the Export Location.
      • Disabled: Exports each job with the job name and the date and time stamp appended to the file name.
    • Run in Separate Session: Instructs VDM to launch a separate VDM session, creating another connection to the database, to execute the job.  This feature is commonly used when a single job in a queue may take longer than others, allowing the primary session to continue processing the next job queue.
  • Send Failure Notification: Specifies the email profile to use when sending job failure notifications.
  • Send Success Notification: Specifies the email profile to use when sending job success notifications.


View Parameters
Allows for a View’s parameterized filter values, if any, to be defined for the job.



VDM can automatically deliver a jobs output to an email address.

VDM can automatically deliver a jobs output to an FTP or FTPS address


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