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The Gauge component allows for the display of aggregated data on a number of different gauge types.  Gauges are used to represent the View’s current data value relative to a maximum or goal value.



Gauge Properties

  • Title Properties:
    • Title/Total Color: The color used when displaying the Title and Total.
    • Value: The text to be displayed in the Title.
    • Font: The Font properties for the Title and Value.
    • Show Total: True/False option to show the Gauge’s numeric value in the title.
  •  Gauge Properties:
    • Aggregate: The summary method used to calculate the data being displayed on the gauge.
    • Font: Font used to display the data values.
    • Format: Format used to display the data values.
    • Major Tick Count: The distance between the major tick marks on the gauge.
    • Max: The maximum value of the gauge.
    • Value: Drop down list that allows for the selection of the View’s field value.


VDM has over a hundred and fifty different gauges to choose from and are accessible by clicking on the Type button under the Gauge Options Ribbon Bar.


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