Quick Launch Buttons

Cory Fifield -

VDM has several Quick Launch Buttons that can be accessed at anytime.

Top Quick Launch Buttons

  • Button definitions (Left to right)
    • New: Create a new View.
    • Open: Open an existing View.
    • Recent: Displays recently opened Views.
    • Save: Save the View that is currently open.
    • Save As: Save the View that is currently opened with a new name.
    • Export To: Export the Views Details, Summary, Chart or Pivot.
    • Run View: Runs the View that is currently open.
    • Show/Hide Drop Down: Toggle On/Off display of specific quick launch buttons or move quick access buttons down below the ribbon.


Right Quick Launch Buttons

  • Button definitions (Left to right)
    •  Inspect View Information: Display the current View's properties
    • Open Current View's Directory: Opens the current View's saved directory.
    • View SQL Query: Displays the SQL query, based on the View’s configuration, that VDM is sending to the database.
    • Select Top Records: Adds Top X syntax to the SQL query, limiting the number of records returned (not supported with all databases).
    • Replace Numeric Nulls: Applied at the View Level
      • Enabled: VDM will replace null values with a numeric data type with 0.
      • Disabled: VDM will return null values for numeric data types.
    • Auto Schedule Setup: Launches the Auto Scheduler setup used to schedule Views to run at user defined intervals, dates and times.
    • Clear Grid Formatting: Erases/Clears any user defined formatting on the selected Grid.
    • Reset: Resets the VDM’s current layout to the default.
    • Enable Auto Scheduler: Turns on the Auto Scheduler processes and scheduler queue.
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