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VDM has several Quick Launch Buttons that can be accessed at anytime. In this article we list them all and their functions.


VDM Quick Launch Buttons Layout




Top Quick Launch Buttons

  • Button definitions (Left to right)
    • New: Create a new View.
    • Open: Open an existing View.
    • Recent: Displays recently opened Views.
    • Save: Save the View that is currently open.
    • Save As: Save the View that is currently opened with a new name.
    • Export To: Export the Views Details, Summary, Chart or Pivot.
    • Run View: Runs the View that is currently open.
    • Show/Hide Drop Down: Toggle On/Off display of specific quick launch buttons or move quick access buttons down below the ribbon.



Right Quick Launch Buttons

  • Button definitions (Left to right)
    •  Inspect View Information: Display the current View's properties
    • Open Current View's Directory: Opens the current View's saved directory.
    • View SQL Query: Displays the SQL query, based on the View’s configuration, that VDM is sending to the database.
    • Select Top Records: Adds Top X syntax to the SQL query, limiting the number of records returned (not supported with all databases).
    • Replace Numeric Nulls: Applied at the View Level
      • Enabled: VDM will replace null values with a numeric data type with 0.
      • Disabled: VDM will return null values for numeric data types.
    • Auto Schedule Setup: Launches the Auto Scheduler setup used to schedule Views to run at user defined intervals, dates and times.
    • Clear Grid Formatting: Erases/Clears any user defined formatting on the selected Grid.
    • Reset: Resets the VDM’s current layout to the default.
    • Enable Auto Scheduler: Turns on the Auto Scheduler processes and scheduler queue.
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