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The Ribbon Bar provides access to the various menu items within the VDM Platform

Ribbon Display Options



Available Options:

  • Auto-hide Ribbon: Hides the Ribbon. Click at the top of the application to show.
  • Show Tabs: Shows the Ribbon tabs only. Click a tab to show the commands.
  • Show Tabs and Commands: Shows Ribbon tabs and commands all the time.


Database Ribbon Bar

  • New: Launches the Connection Wizard to create a new Connection Profile.
  • Load All: Loads all Connection Profiles into Tables and Fields.
  • Edit: Launches the Connection Wizard to edit and existing Connection Profile.
  • Manage View Connections: Allows views with multiple Connection Profiles to mapped to other Connection Profiles.


Home Ribbon

  • New: Create a new View.
  • Open: Open an existing View.
  • Save: Save the View that is currently open.
  • Save As: Save the View that is currently opened with a new name.
  • Save with Data: Save the View file and embed the View’s data.
  • Save Encrypted: Saves the View in an encrypted format so it cannot be accessed by anyone outside your organization and cannot be read/edited within a text editor.
  • Recent: Displays recently opened Views.
  • Run View: Runs the View that is currently open.
  • Insights: Launches Insights, a single point of access for Grids, Charts, Finished Reports and Visualizations that allows you to access data from any date and time.
  • Finished Reports: Launches Finished Reports, a professional report writing feature.
  • Visualize Designer: Launches Visualize Designer, a profession data visualization feature.
  • Calendar: Opens the Calendar section of the Scheduler allowing the creating and editing of scheduled jobs.
  • Job: Opens the Job setup page allowing the creation/editing of jobs that can be leveraged on the Calendar or in a Master Job.
  • Master Job: Launches the Master Job editor for creating batches of Views to run in queue and on demand.
  • Abort Search: Aborts a View that is currently being executed.


View Options Ribbon


  • Client Side Grouping: Applied at the View Level
    • Enabled: The View’s Grouping and Summaries items are aggregated in-app (on the local PC) and not on the database.
    • Disabled: the View’s Grouping and Summary items will be sent to the database for evaluation and processing.
  • Client Side Sorting: Applied at the View Level
    • Enabled: The View’s Sorting items are performed in-app (on the local PC) and not on the database.
    • Disabled: The View’s Sorting items will be sent to the database for evaluation and processing.
  • Select Distinct: Applied at the View Level
    • Enabled: VDM will only return unique rows of data and will ignore any duplicates.  For a row of data to be unique EVERY field in a given row would need to be an exact match of another.
    • Disabled: VDM will return all data delivered from the database for the current View.
  • Summary Only: Applied at the View Level
    • Enabled: VDM will not deliver the Views detail data and will only return aggregated data to the Summary grid.  Enabling this feature will disable Client Side grouping.
    • Disabled: VDM will deliver the Views detail data as well as any aggregated data that is defined at the Group and Summary levels.
  • View SQL Query: Displays the SQL query, based on the View’s configuration, that VDM is sending to the database.
  • Select Top Records: Adds Top X syntax to the SQL query, limiting the number of records returned (not supported with all databases).
  • Database Functions: Features for specific databases.
    • Native SQL - This makes it so VDM can leverage "native" SQL features that are not accessible in Universe otherwise.
  • Use Table Alias: Allows a table alias defined inside the Linking to be used in the query in place of the actual table name.
  • Embed Expressions: Applied at the View Level
    • Embedded Expressions allows an Expression, used within a View, to be saved and stored in the VDM View file. This greatly simplifies the sharing of Views, containing expressions, with your colleagues.
  • Replace Numeric Nulls: Applied at the View Level
    • Enabled: VDM will replace null values with a numeric data type with 0.
    • Disabled: VDM will return null values for numeric data types.
  • Expandable Excel Groups: Applied at the View Level
    • Enabled: VDM will show expandable grouping when a data grid is exported to Excel.
    • Disabled: VDM will not show expandable grouping when a data grid is exported to Excel.
  • Default Control: Defines the default control that will receive focus once the View has returned results.
  • Skins: Changes the look and feel of VDM.


Export/Print Ribbon

  • No Preview: Exports the data directly to the selected output without a preview.
  • Preview: Exports the data to VDM’s export preview feature.
  • Multi-Sheet: Exports the Details, Summary, Basic Chart and Totals to a multi-sheet document.
    • Details: Exports the Details.
    • Summary: Exports the Summary.
    • Chart: Exports the Chart.

 Community Ribbon

  • Forum: Direct link to the BridgeWorks forum. A place for Report Writers and Developers to share their ideas, techniques and ask questions.
  • News: Get the latest updates on VDM.


Help Ribbon

  • About: Shows the current version of VDM.
  • View Release Notes: View the notes on each version of VDM.
  • Register: Used to register VDM’s installation and license for the workstation.
  • Support: Launches the VDM support website.
  • Auto Updater: Launches VDM’s automated update/upgrade processes and is used to keep your VDM installation current.


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