Matthew Fifield -

Release Date: 2/19/2018



  • Auto Scheduler - Structural changes to the back-end that includes the ability to Queue Reports within Web Reports
  • Web Reports - Finished Reports can now be queued without waiting for the report to render in browser, which can then be downloaded once complete
  • Connections - Structural changes to allow future ground work for multiple database views
    • Persistent connection will now hold the connection open until closed
    • If Persistent connection is disabled, the connection will time out after the designated Idle Timeout (default 5 minutes)
  • Finished Reports - Slightly new look with some structural changes
    • Data Binding structure has been replaced with Expression structure.  The new Expression structure allows for greater flexibility when creating Finished Reports.  Users will be prompted to convert their existing Finished Reports to Expressions in the Finished Reports Designer.
    • The ability to do Math at the group level without using scripting
    • Formatting rules are now used within an items appearance options

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Web Reports where if a Visualize was using summary data, the Visualize would not display correctly.

Important Note**

In order for Web Reports to function correctly, Web Reports will need to be updated in addition to upgrading to v7.2.  If Web Reports is not updated and is using v7.2, reports may not display correctly.


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