Matthew Fifield -

Release Date: 11/18/2016


Bug Fixes

Finished Reports Viewer

Fixed an issue where Date parameters were not being displayed correctly.

Advanced Query

Fixed an issue when populating the Advanced Query with the details, extra spaces were included at the end of the statement causing the Auto Complete box to popup when the view was opened.

Tables and Views

Fixed an issue that was causing Tables or Views to be expanded incorrectly when the "Views" option was enabled.


Fixed an issue where if multiple users were writing to the same log file at the exact same moment in time, a file lock was possible.

Detail Grid

Fixed an issue where if the "Find panel" had a filter enabled, expressions would not calculate correctly after the view was saved and reopened.

Summary Grid

Fixed an issue where formulas would not calculate correctly if a Summary formula was used.



Auto Scheduler "Save with Data"

New option to schedule a report to save the entire view with data.  Allowing the option to open the view with the data at that current point in time and use all of the controls of the view.  (This is not supported with VoV at this point, but will be added in a later release)




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