Matthew Fifield -

Release Date: 7/1/2016



**Beta** API

VDM now supports an API command call that will launch VDM, connect using either a standard connection profile or a service connection profile.  The service connection profile will only work via the API call.

Example: "Test Profile/C:\Program Files (x86)\BridgeWorks VDM\VDMQV\Liquidation\ExampleView.vdm" "API" "Details"

The first command is the Connection profile and the View to be run separated by a "/".

The second command is the option of "API".  This will keep VDM in the background.

The third command is the control that is the desired final output.


Bug Fixes

VoV Connections

Fixed an issue where when using a VoV Dataset, the views would not be populated into the list of views available for the connection.


Fixed an issue when enabling the Auto Scheduler on the Auto Scheduler Form, the detail grid was not correctly selected.

Auto Scheduler

Fixed an issue where parameters were being duplicated when switching from Automation to View.

Number of Parameter Pages

Fixed an issue where Number of Parameter Pages was not being correctly read after VDM was closed an reopened.


Fixed an issue where Finished Reports Parameters were not being populated inside of a VoV.


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