Matthew Fifield -

Release Date: 5/12/2016

**IMPORTANT** v6.5.5.0 Is no longer supported on Windows XP as .NET 4.5 is now required.


Bug Fixes

Navigation Pane Closes #1589

When selecting the current selected Tab (Navigation Pane), the tab would collapse and disappear until selected again.

Advanced Query Formatting #1567

After modifying an Advanced Query, the grid would not update with the changes.

Gauge Properties #1599

When making changes to the Gauge Total property, the Gauge would revert to the previous settings if the view was re-searched.



Reserved Words #1593

There are seven new reserved words available for use.  @Username, @Workstation, @Domain, @ConnectionUsername, @DSN, @Database, @Server.

Gauge Title/Total Color #1543

The gauge property now supports different color options for the Title/Total.

Finished Report Parameters

Finished Report Parameters will now prompt at the view level during run time.


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