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Release Date: 4/13/2016



Logon Form #1546

The Logon form now has a connection wizard that will take the user through the process of setting up their connection, the ability to login using a Connection Profile, a "Need Help?" option that takes the user to the support site and no longer changes in size when selecting a connection type.


Advanced Query #1564

When using the advanced query, the ability to use parameters is now supported.


Bug Fixes

Detail Formatting Resets #1565

When changing or modifying a Group/Summary in FSGS, the detail grid would lose formatting if the view was re-searched.

Adding a Group Causing a Hard Lock #1566

When adding a group prior to a View being searched, VDM would hard lock if the View had an Advanced Chart.  



Crystal Report Migration #1545

Currently, VDM is now able to migrate basic Crystal Reports into Finished Reports.  Base options such as selected fields, simple filter criteria, and basic text locations are available.

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