Matthew Fifield -

Release Date: N/A



Advanced Query

Added a notification that displays when Advanced Query is enabled.

If Advanced Query is enabled, VDM will now default to the Advanced Query tab on open.

Load Screens

VDM now has loading screens when opening and when loading the tables and fields.


VDM now has an option to register from the logon screen if VDM is in Express mode.

Status Bar

The status bar now includes the current search duration in Seconds/Minutes.




The reset and abort buttons have been moved away from the search button.

Inventory Recon

Inventory Reconciliation is now always visible.


Bug Fixes


Fixed an issue that would cause the total to disappear.

Fixed an issue where the aggregate would switch to SUM.

Fixed an issue where the total would not update if a filter had been applied.


Fixed an issue where VDM would "Register Successfully" when there was an error creating the license.

VDM should now correctly time out after 30 seconds if unable to reach the license server.

Implied AND/Advanced Filtering

Fixed an issue where Advanced Filtering would not always correctly toggle when turning Implied AND on/off.




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