Matthew Fifield -

Release Date: 1/6/2016


Bug Fixes

Advanced Chart

Fixed certain instances where the advanced chart would lose data bindings when modifying the view (adding/removing fields, groups, and summaries).

Finished Reports

Expressions created inside of finished reports should no longer disappear from view when opening the Finished Report.


When searching views, the screen will no longer always go back to the detail tab.  VDM will remain on the current tab unless the view is searched for the first time.

Database Functions

The add custom database function form has been modified for easier use.

Modified Views

Added additional warnings to save the current view if the view has been modified before changing views (areas such as when VDM is closing, resetting a view, opening a new view, or changing the connection).




Gauges now have the ability to add the total on the gauge.

Gauges now have the ability to change the back color.

Gauges now have the ability to change the title Font.



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