Creating a Gauge

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Select "Gauges" on the left side of the Navigation Pane.



Next Select "Show Properties" in the shortcuts.  This will display the gauge properties.




Title Properties

Title/Total Color - Sets the color for the title and totals.

Value - Sets the title of the gauge.

Font - Controls the font of the gauge's title.

Show Total - Shows the total for the gauge's value under the title.

Gauge Properties

Font - Controls the font of the gauge.

Background Color - Controls the background color of the gauge.

Aggregate - The aggregate will tell the gauge whether or not to use the SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT, or AVG of the selected value.

Value - Controls which value or "field" to use for the gauge. 

Max - Controls the Gauge's maximum value.  This value is then divided evenly by the Major Tick Count.

Major Tick Count - Controls how many of the main "ticks" or "markers" are displayed in the gauge.

Format - Controls the formatting of the visible values of the gauge.



When selecting the value for the gauge please note that only columns that are of the correct data type will be available.  If the desired column is not available, click on the Details page, right click on a cell in the column that is desired to use in the gauge and navigate down to the "Format Column".  Select the appropriate format for that column.  Once completed, go back to the gauge and the newly formatted column should be visible.


Below is an example gauge:



To change the look and feel of the gauge, select "Type" in the shortcut bar and select what type of gauge to use.



Style Chooser



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