Month Batch Report - S4

Tony Coffman -

To begin, save the MonthBatchReport.vdm VDM View File that is attached to this article to your computer. 

Next, launch VDM, browse to and select the MonthBatchReport.vdm file and execute the View.  The Month Batch report will prompt you for three values, the Client Number, Starting Year and the Report Name.

When prompted enter the Client Number you wish to run for the Month Batch report.  Please surround the Client Number with single quotes: Example '1000'.

Next, type in Starting Year without quotes: Example 2015.

Finally, type in the Report Name that you'd like displayed on the Finished Report surrounded in single quotes: Example 'My Monthly Batch Report'.

Once all the parameter values have been entered, click the "Play" button to generate the report.

When the View has completed, please click on the Finished Reporting Ribbon Bar menu item.

Click Preview to View the report.  From the Preview window you can print or export the Finished Report.


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