Manual Update

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Auto Updater Failed on Installation

If the Auto Updater fails and VDM will no longer open to re-launch the update process, there are some steps that can be taken to manually run the updater or update VDM's required files.

To rerun the Auto Updater manually browse to the VDMAutoUpdater executable and run as an administrator.  The default location for a 32-bit operating system is C:\Program Files\BridgeWorks VDM\VDMUpdater.  The default location for a 64-bit operating system is C:\Program Files (x86)\BridgeWorks VDM\VDMUpdater.


Manual Update

If the VDMAutoUpdater.exe file is not present or it does not successfully run and update VDM to the latest version, the next step is to update VDM manually.  

First, make a full back up of your BridgeWorks VDM installation folder.

Next, manually selected and delete *.DLL files, the files that end with DLL, in the BridgeWorks VDM installation folder.

Download the latest version of VDM here.  Once the download is completed place the in the VDMAutoUpdate folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\BridgeWorks VDM\VDMAutoUpdate).

Next, Extract the ZIP.  Once extracted, copy the full contents of the extracted zip file, excluding folders*, into the BridgeWorks VDM installation directory.

*If you are on VDM v5.4 or earlier you will need to copy all the folders over, from the extracted zip, to your VDM installation directory.

If prompted select the Copy and Replace option for all files.  This completes the manual update process for VDM.


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