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BridgeWorks has been working with an industry expert to develop VDM reports that are centered around the FACS platform.  The goal is to develop informative and actionable reporting that provides greater insight into FACS environments and then make those reports available to the community at no charge.  We have our first set of 3 reports ready for review and we're looking for volunteers to provide feedback.  This first set is called Contact Analytics and focuses on dialer activity.  Here are some of the questions our industry expert wanted to answer.  

  • Contact Analytics Inbound Call Analysis (by Day and by Hour)
    • How are my calls fluctuating by call type by day?
    • Am I missing inbound calls?
    • How long are inbound calls on hold before hanging up?
    • How has my staffing impacted the number of missed inbounds?
  • Contact Analytics Agent Call Stats (by Day)
    • How are my agents performing on the dialer?
    • Am I reaching my daily goals?
    • Is my current dialing schedule resulting in more promises?
    • Should I move more agents to the other dialing platform?
    • How much time are agents spending on the contact platform?
  • Contact Analytics Service by Contact Platform (by Day)
    • What percentage of calls are being handled by each platform?
    • Are agents following my dialing schedule between platforms?
    • Am I having more success contacting consumers in Auto mode versus Manual?
    • Does one platform type tend to take longer per call?

Attached to this ticket is the Contact Analytics Report Definition.xlsx that details each data element in the reports as well as the 4 Contact Analytics reports (.vdm files). 

By default each report has a date selection defined of @ThisMonth, meaning VDM will analyze all dialing activity for the current month based on the date the report is ran.  The data filtering parameters can be updated by the user to better suit their reporting needs.

To begin, save each of the reports attached to this ticket to your computer. 

Next, launch VDM and execute the desired View.  Each VDM report file contains a Finished Report and is accessible from the main Ribbon Bar:

Once the View has returned the results from your database, navigate to Finished Reports and click Preview.  From the Preview window you can print or export the Finished Report.


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