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VDM offers a map feature that allows you to chart your data on a geographical map of the United States.


Setup and Prerequisites

Before you can create a Map using VDM we need to insure you have all the required prerequisites. 

1.) Verify you have the AccessDatabaseEngine.exe installed on your computer.  Most 32-bit systems will already have this installed natively.  If you're not sure, try to create a map following the instructions in this article and if you receive an error, you can download and install the AccessDatabaseEngine here.  If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows you can complete the installation from within VDM by clicking on the Maps Tab and selecting 64-bit Driver from the Ribbon Bar.

2.) Verify you have the Map Files installed.  If you are unsure you can install the Map Files from the Maps Tab Ribbon Bar within VDM.


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Building a Map

VDM has two types of Maps; US and State.

  • US Maps require that you have a two character State Data Field in your View as well as a Data Value that you want to Map.
  • State Maps require that you have a two character State and a City Data Field in your View as well as a Data Value that you want to Map.

Once your View has been built with the required data.  Click on the Maps tab and select Properties from the Map Ribbon Bar.

Property Values



Amount Value: The Data Field in your View that represents the Data you want to Map.

City Value: The Data Field that represents the City Data being used, if building a State Map.

Map Type: Defines the Map as a National (US) or State (State).

Show Map Detail: True or False

State: The Two Character State that you want to Zoom into on the VDM Map Control (requires a City Data Field be present in the View).

State Value: The Data Field in your View that represents the Two Character State Data.



Data Values and Colors

The Maps control will colorize each section of the Map based on the weight of the data on a scale of 0 to 100.  The brighter the color an area of the map becomes, the higher the value.  Mousing over each selection will display the State and/or City Name as well as the data point's value and relative percentage.  

To refresh the Map click the Refresh button in the Map Ribbon Bar or the Refresh button on the shortcut bar, located in the upper right hand corner of VDM.


US Map Example


State Map Example



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