Matthew Fifield -

Release Date: 7/14/2015


Bug Fixes

Loading Bar

Fixed loading bar enabling when changing a group and no data present.


Fixed linking update when saving a view, after adding a new field/table and before searching the view.


Fixed changing summary items before searching a view.  The summary grid would not update reset the grid columns to match the updated summary.

Edit Filter

Fixed editing a filter item.  When the filter item contained a sub select or database function the item would not repopulate.

Summary Expressions

Fixed summary grid sorting when an expression was present.  The summary expression may not calculate correctly.



Pivot Grid

Pivot grid now supports the use of the summary table as well as the details.

Finished Reporting

Finished reporting now supports the use of both the details and summary data tables in the same report. 

Advanced Charts

Advanced charts now has the functionality to format the mouse over cursor.

Master Job

Creating a Master Job allows for adding multiple jobs simultaneously.

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