Matthew Fifield -

Release Date: 6/16/2015



Auto Scheduler

Export options are now on a separate tab with some additional options, “Password Protect (Finished Reporting PDF)” and “No Data No Export”.  Password Protect (Finished Reporting PDF) does exactly as described, it will automatically encrypt a Finished Report with the provided password.  If there is no data returned from a view,"No Data No Export" (when checked) will not export a document (only for advanced exports).

Auto Updater

Within VDM Options there is now an option to specify a local or network path to receive an updated version of VDM.

Login on Startup

VDM now supports additional commands at launch that includes the option to login using a connection profile from a shortcut.

Finished Reporting

Using the "Refresh with Top 100" option is now based off of whether "Details" or "Summary" is selected.


Bug Fixes

View Only

When using a View Only license, users are no longer able to use the right click menu strip from inside the grid (items included such as add filter, remove filter, add expression, edit expression).


Adding/editing an expression with the grid formatted would not calculate correctly in some instances.  VDM will now ask to remove any formatting to ensure correct results.

Standard Filtering

When filtering on multiple VDM Expressions, as well as a reserved word, VDM would not correctly filter on the expressions not using a reserved word.  This has been resolved.

Advanced Filtering

When using an AND/OR statement with a reserved word, VDM would not always use the reserved word correctly.  This was managed by adding a space between the reserved word and any parentheses around the reserved word.  This has been resolved.

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