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After launching VDM, you will be prompted to select your connection type and login to your database.

VDM is compatible with Cache, Oracle, and SQL databases via the database client. VDM can also connect to the DBMS via ODBC and OLEDB.  

Please note that for ODBC databases you must complete the ODBC driver installation and DSN setup on your workstation prior to logging into VDM.  Consult your database provider's documentation for the installation and setup of your ODBC driver.




NOTE: To create a connection profile that will make logging into VDM easier and faster, read our article on how to create a connection profile at login.


Select your Connection Type: Defines the type of database that you are connecting to.

Prefix TO/Schema Name: Tells VDM if it should prefix each table name with the table’s schema. Depending on how your databases is structured this may or may not be required.

Example of when Prefix would need to be enabled: You are an Ontario FACS or Artiva database.  This option is required for Ontario System’s platforms and most Cache databases.

Example of when Prefix would need to be enabled: Your Oracle or SQL Server has multiple schemas and it is required to enter the SchemaName.TableName.FieldName to query your database using the native query/scripting editor.

How do you know?  The simple answer is that you may not know until you build a test View for your database with this option enabled and disabled.  You could also talk with your database support team for guidance.


Server Name: The name or IP address of the server where your database is hosted.  The Server Name field will only be displayed for Microsoft SQL, Oracle and Cache and is a required entry.

By default VDM will use the standard TCP ports for Microsoft SQL {1433} and Cache {1972} and the service name “XE” for Oracle databases.  If your database was configured to use a different port or service name, please enter a colon { : } between the Server Name and the Port/Service

Example Server Name:

ODBC Account: ODBC DSN name

Username: The username required to connect to the database.

Password: The password  for the username that is required to connect to the database.

Quick Logon: When enabled, VDM will only read the table names and not each of the table’s fields during the logon process.  This can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for VDM to connect and read the database’s catalog.  It is recommended that this option always be enabled.

If the SELECT PLATFORM option is selected as your connection type you will be asked to select your software type. This option is only for user using Columbia Ultimate’s ManageMed, Collector System and RPCS software. 

After completing a successful login, the VDM screen will appear, allowing users to create new Views or open existing Views. 


VDM Main Screen


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