Advanced Filtering

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Advanced Filtering


When filtering a View, the Advanced Filtering option allows the user to have complete control over the Filter statement; the SQL Where clause.

To enable Advanced Filtering click the Adv Filtering button.


From the Advanced Filtering window the user is free to script any filter statement, the SQL Where clause, needed for the View.  

Advanced Filtering on VDM Expressions  

To reference a VDM Expression use the full Expression Name and surround the statement with "#".

The "#" is used to remove this section of the statement before the statement is sent to the server.  The reason for this, is that VDM Expressions are not a valid field on the server.

Each section enclosed by "#" will be "Anded" after the SQL statement being sent to the server is returned.  For example the following statement will be broken apart to show how the statement is sent to the server, and the Expression filters are applied.

Advanced Filter Statement: TRANS.Transaction_Code IN (1,2,351,361,411,413,422,424) AND TRANS.Client_ID = CLIENT1  #AND @VDMEX.TestAmount1 >= 200 AND @VDMEX.TestAmount2 <= 400#

Statement Sent to Server: TRANS.Transaction_Code IN (1,2,351,361,411,413,422,424) AND TRANS.Client_ID = CLIENT1

Expression Filter From Statement: @VDMEX.TestAmount1 >= 200 AND @VDMEX.TestAmount2 <= 400

Because the "Expression Filter From Statement" is not sent to the server as part of the SQL statement, any criteria that is enclosed in "#" will be added as an additional filter criteria after the "Statement Sent to Server" data is returned.

To reload the Advanced Filtering window from the items in your Filter List, Right Click on the Advanced Filtering window and select the "Reload from Standard Filtering" option.


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