Tony Coffman -

One of the first questions we’re asked when we talk to folks about VDM is, “Why”?  Why, with all the reporting and scripting tools available for a database, would you write a query, reporting and dashboarding tool from scratch?  Our answer: We’ve yet to see it done right.  A query or reporting tool should be easy to use and understand and offer the user varying levels of output.  Frequently a user’s need isn’t for a beautifully finished and professionally formatted report, they just need the data and they need it now; for those folks we have QuickView.  In other situations the user needs to present content in a professionally formatted report to their CEO or CFO; for those needs we offer ProView.  Lastly, a user may simply need to see their data represented graphically in a dashboard to keep an eye on their data; that’s where VDM’s Dashboard feature takes center stage.  What really sets VDM apart from all the rest?  Our Community.  To date over 200 VDM enhancements have come directly from our Community.  Some folks would call that crowd sourcing.  We call it getting our users what they need, when they need it.

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