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VoV Builder – View of Views (.VDMV)

The Aggregator

The VoV builder allows VDM to leverage the summarized data from multiple Views to produce a single row of data for each Summary line. The VoV builder offers two options, Build Single Summary View and Build DataSet View.

Building a Single Summary View requires that your Views are grouped by a like data type; string, numeric, date, etc. A DataSet View will allow you to select and build multiple Views that you can toggle through by clicking on the View path name in the upper right section of VDM. This option also allows you to export the details, summary, or details and summary of each view into a different tab in Excel.


VoV Single Summary View

To create a VoV Single Summary View click on the VoV Builder tab in the navigation bar:



Select the “Build Single Summary View” radio button. Click on the binocular button to locate two or more Views that you want to add. Please note that you Views must contain similar grouping data types and levels. Please note that VDM’s VoV feature has a limit of 3 grouping levels.

After selecting each view, click the button to add the view to the VoV. After adding your Views please save your VoV Single Summary View.  VoV files are saved with the .VDMV file extension. 

VoV has a Check VoV Conditions feature that will validate that your VOV view has like grouping based on the number of groups in each view file.  The Check VoV Conditions button must be clicked before VDM will allow you to save the VoV.



To open an existing VoV, click on the Open button on the Ribbon Bar and browse to your VoV file.  VoV Builder also has an option to rebuild any opened VoV using the "Rebuild VoV" button.  This button will reload any views included in the VoV to retrieve any added/removed fields.


VoV DataSet

To create a VoV DataSet click on the VoV Builder tab on the navigation bar. With a VoV DataSet the Views do not need to have related or have similarly grouped information. 



Select the “Build DataSet View” radio button. Click on the binocular button to locate two or more views that you want to add to your VoV.  After selecting each View click the button to add the View to your VoV DataSet.  When adding your View you will be prompted to include the details, summary or details and summary. After adding the needed Views, please save your VoV DataSet view. 



To run a VoV click on Open from the Home Ribbon Bar on VDM Main and select the .VDMV file. Click the Run View button to run the VoV. 

After running a DataSet View you can toggle through the Views in your DataSet by clicking on the path names of your Views in the upper right window. As you click through the views the information in the Details and Summary sections will change accordingly.



Using Connection Profiles with VoV's

In the VoV builder select "Connections" in the Navigation Bar,then select the view and the desired profile to be used for the view and push the add button (+).  Save the VoV job. Any views that you do not add to this list, will use the connection that was used to log into VDM.

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