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Adding summaries to your View will allow you to perform calculations on your selected group options. Please note that summaries should only be added to numeric fields and not strings. The example below is grouped by EmployeeID.

To add a summary, select the desired report field in the summary drop-down list. To add additional summaries,  click the green + symbol located in the Add/Remove column. In the example below we are requesting a total Record Count for EmployeeID and a summation of the Freight.

The data will be summarized in the order the summary options are placed in the list box. To remove a summary, click the red X located in the Add/Remove column on the appropriate value.



Results of Summary


Summary Functions

AVG                       Computes an average of the selected report field

COUNT                  Counts the total number of records

MAX                      Computes the maximum for the select report field

MIN                       Computes the minimum for the select report field

SUM                      Computes a summation of the selected report field

VALUE                   Returns the first value


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