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The options tool bar has specific options that are available to the user.

Settings: Launches the VDM's system options menu.

Show Tables: Returns the available database's Tables Names to the Tables and Fields control from the database schema by default. 

Show Views: Returns the available database's Views to Tables and Fields control from the database schema by default.

Client Side Grouping: Allows VDM to do all the calculations and filtering on the local machine as opposed to the server.  This allows data to return much more quickly. 

Client Side Sorting: Allows VDM to do all the sorting on the local machine as opposed to the server.  This allows you to quickly sort your View without the need to re-search.

Implied AND:  VDM’s default for all filter items is an implied AND.  Meaning after you add each filter item the system is “AND-ing” the filters together.  To remove the implied AND, please click on the Options menu item and uncheck Implied AND.

Select Distinct: Returns the Distinct records for the View.

Summary Only View: This optionturns off CS Grouping and only returns the summary data, no details.  Speeds up items for the dashboard, but you cannot use it when grouping on a formula or custom date grouping options

Embed Expressions: Embeds any VDM Expressions into the View file.  This is primarily used when View, with Expressions, is going to be shared with other VDM users.

Expandable Excel Groups: Enables the Detail, Summary and Pivot grids to be exported with expandable Excel Columns and Rows when a grouping has been applied to the Data Grid.  This option only works with the Export No Preview export option.

Default Control: Automatically sets focus to the selected control after initial View search.

Skins: Allows the user to select a Skin for VDM.

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