Hidden Data Items

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The Hidden Data Items can be used to perform various data operations by measures or dimensions that do not directly take part in the visual representation of the data.

To create hidden data items, choose the required data field from the fields list and drop it onto the appropriate section in the Hidden Data Items area.



You can perform the following operations using hidden data items.

  • Filter
  • Sort
  • Top N



To filter using the hidden data item dimension, you need to first drag the field you want to filter on into the Dimension value under Hidden Data Items. For this lesson, use the OrderDate field set to (Quarter).




You can use hidden dimensions to apply filtering to the dashboard element. To do this, select the hidden dimension in the Filter Editor (right click on the element to apply filter) and specify the condition.



For instance, the image above filters by the second quarter of the Order Date (Quarter) dimension.



You can sort your data using the hidden measure. To do this, drag the fields you would like to sort by into the measure value. Then click the drop down on the value you want to sort and select the new measure from the Sort By sub-menu.



Top N

You can use hidden measures in Top N conditions. To do this, select the measure from the measure combo box in the Top N Values dialog.




For instance, in the Grid element below, the top 3categories for the Freight hidden measure are displayed.


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