Microsoft SQL Express 2014/2017 Installation (Legacy)

Matthew Fifield -

  1. Download the Microsoft SQL Express setup here.  (SQL Express 2014 Steps below)

  2. Run the executable to extract the setup/installation files.

  3. The SQL Server Installation center should open automatically after extracting the install files.  Once opened, select "New SQL Server stand-alone Installation or add features to an existing installation".

  4. Accept the Terms and click Next.

  5. Optional, check "Use Microsoft Update to check for updates" and click Next.

  6. The "install setup files" section will check for any additional updates (if checked) and extract any remaining setup files.  Once completed click Next.

  7. Use the default settings for the Feature Selection and click next.  By default, Database Engine Services, SQL Server Replication, and SQL Client Connectivity SDK are checked.  If these are not checked/enabled make sure to enable them.

  8. Use the default settings for the Instance Configuration and click next.  Please note, changing the Instance name will have an impact when installing the Web Reports application.

  9. Use the default settings for the Server Configuration and click next.

  10. Use the default settings for the Database Engine Configuration and click Next.

  11. Verify the Installation progress doesn't have any issues.

  12. Verify all features were installed correctly.

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